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RizeX Mastermind

RizeX is  Group of action minded business owners wanting to take their business to the next level.  Learn from local business owners on how they grew their business, then take the information and tactics they share and Mastermind with other business owners to find answers to your business concerns.

RizeX Mastermind meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

The Vision of RizeCon

People came from far and near to attend the two-day RizeCon Business Conference that was recently held November 2018, 1st and 2nd, in Fort Hall, Idaho. The conference featured some amazing top executive keynote speakers that feel passionately about connecting businesses and wanted to answer often asked questions, such as how to scale and grow a business effectively.

Curated Business Content

With 6 keynotes, 21 breakout sessions and a community panel, access video and audio recordings on-demand to learn from the best from our area!

What Attendees Are Saying

Networking. I was able to make contacts with people that otherwise would have been more difficult to do.
Gave me an opportunity to think "outside the box" and expand my view of possible courses of action to grow my infant business.
Where to start? I loved the motivation I felt from each of the keynote speakers. The value and insight from each of the breakout sessions, and the great opportunity to meet so many like-minded people and network with each of them. I took away so much from this whole conference!